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Tiffany Blum-Deckler is a student at Lawndale High. She is classmates with Quinn Morgendorffer and a member of the Fashion Club. Her appearance is Asian and also considered to be very fashionable. Tiffany speaks very slowly in her signature monotone voice, mostly about her own appearance. She is the dullest member of the Fashion Club. She is voiced by Ashley Albert.

In the first season of Daria she still had her valley-girl drawl but spoke normally. The slow speaking and "cluelessness" wasn't added until season 2-3 when she became more of an main character.

Tiffany is also an sycophant of the show, siding with anyone whoever as the upper hand. She is presented as the least intelligent one of the group (even though 902 on her PSAT putting her in the second percent title -- its still a low score but she could have done worse)

She is also extremely shallow and self-centered—even more so than the other fashion club members. Her role in the club is Coordinating Officer, whose only job is to ensure that the club members never wore clothing that clashed with each other.

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