Shaggy, Character from Daria

A silent background character in Daria, and the old "Oh, The Obscurity!" flipbook on MTV's website said "the Daria artists like this mellow dude so much that he acquired the nickname "Shaggy"" - named for his uncanny (and deliberate) resemblance to Shaggy Rogers of Scooby-Doo fame.

Shaggy is a skinny teen with unkempt light brown or dirty blond hair who wears an olive-green T-shirt, baggy gray or mauve pants, and stylish sunglasses even indoors. His earrings appear to have a long animal canine dangling from each. He has a long neck with a prominent Adam's apple, and his mouth is perpetually twisted to one side as if considering something or expressing mild disdain.

His name for production purposes is Boy Teen 8 (Oh, the Obscurity!). In "Cafe Disaffecto," a seating chart is shown in Mr. O'Neill's hands, according to which Shaggy is actually named Devan; before the clarity of the DVD release, this had been misread as Dewey. For consistency, the more commonly used nickname will be used here. (Do not confuse with the Daria fan artist, Beatnik Shaggy.)

Supposed Supernatural PowersEdit

It widely believed by fans that Shaggy has supernatural powers. Instances of his supernatural powers include:

  • "The Invitation," where Shaggy is seen in two places at once, indicating that he can split himself in two beings or can teleport.
  • "This Year's Model"
  • "The Misery Chick," where he is seen in the past, indicating that he either never ages or can time travel.

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