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The following is a comprehensive episode guide to all five seasons of Daria, plus both TV movies. Here you will find links to all the episode pages, summaries and original air dates.

Unaired pilot Edit

Original Airdate
Sealed with a Kick Unaired

Daria snaps her pencil and borrows one from classmate and starting quarterback Kevin Thompson, who thinks she is trying to get with him.

Season 1Edit

Original Airdate
1. Esteemsters March 3, 1997

The Morgendorffers move to Lawndale, where Quinn becomes a member of the popular Fashion Club, and Daria meets an equally cynical artist named Jane during a self-esteem class taught by neurotic English teacher Mr. O'Neill.

2. The Invitation March 10, 1997
When Daria helps Brittany with an art project, Brittany invites her to a party as thanks. She doesn't initially want to go, but is persuaded by both Jane and the fact she may be able to embarrass Quinn, who is also attending.
3. College Bored March 17, 1997

During a visit with some old friends, Helen and Jake become concerned about Daria and Quinn's chances of getting into good colleges, so they insist that the girls take a college prep class. One of the requirements is to visit a college, and Jake and Helen naturally pick their alma mater, Middleton College.

4. Cafe Disaffecto March 24, 1997

Daria, Jane, and Quinn are coerced into raising money for a new student coffee house, which involves Daria reading one of her stories on opening night.

5. Malled March 31, 1997

Daria and Jane's economy class use the concept of "mall economics" as an excuse to go to the Mall of the Millennium, where Quinn and the Fashion Club happen to be skipping school.

6. This Year's Model April 7, 1997

In a bizarre school-funded event, a modeling agency comes to Lawndale High to recruit female students.

7. The Lab Brat April 14, 1997

For a class project for the man-hating science teacher Ms. BarchDaria is paired with Kevin while Brittany must work with resident pervert, Upchuck, who blackmails her under his command.

8. Pinch Sitter June 9, 1997
When Quinn has a date, Daria substitutes for her to babysit a hyper-conservative family's children, where she is fascinated by their level of brainwashing.
9. Too Cute June 16, 1997
After a classmate gets a boost in popularity from a seemingly perfect nose job, Quinn becomes concerned about her looks, and is accompanied by Daria on a visit to the clinic of the plastic surgeon in question, Dr. Shar.
10. The Big House June 30, 1997
After Daria and Quinn are both caught sneaking home past curfew, Helen and Jake set up a "Family Court" and sentence them to groundings.
11. Road Worrier July 7, 1997
Daria travels with Jane, Trent and Jesse
12. The Teachings of Don Jake July 14, 1997
After Jake pops a blood vessel because of stress over money troubles,the Morgendorffers go camping to relax. Meanwhile, Jane and Trent attend the routinely hostile Lane family reunion.
13. The Misery Chick July 21, 1997
Famed yet utterly unlikeable Lawndale quarterback Tommy Sherman dies in a freak accident while visiting his alma mater, and no one seems to know what to think or feel about it, causing many to seek advice from Daria.

Season 2Edit

Original Airdate
1. Arts N' Crass February 16, 1998
2. The Daria Hunter February 23, 1998
3. Quinn the Brain March 2, 1998
4. I Don't March 9, 1998
5. That Was Then, This Is Dumb March 16, 1998
6. Monster March 23, 1998
7. The New Kid March 29, 1998
8. Gifted June 29, 1998
9. Ill July 6, 1998
10. Fair Enough July 13, 1998
11. See Jane Run July 20, 1998
12. Pierce Me July 27, 1998
13. Write Where It Hurts August 3, 1998

Season 3Edit

Original Airdate
1. Through a Lens Darkly February 24, 1999
2. The Old and the Beautiful March 3, 1999
3. Depth Takes a Holiday March 10, 1999
4. Daria Dance Party March 17, 1999
5. The Lost Girls March 24, 1999
6. It Happened One Nut July 7, 1999
7. Daria! February 17, 1999
8. Lane Miserables July 14, 1999
9. Jake of Hearts July 21, 1999
10. Speedtrapped July 28, 1999
11. The Lawndale File August 4, 1999
12. Just Add Water August 11, 1999
13. Jane's Addition August 18, 1999

Season 4Edit

Original Airdate
1. Partner's Complaint February 25, 2000
2. Antisocial Climbers March 3, 2000
3. A Tree Grows in Lawndale March 10, 2000
4. Murder, She Snored March 17, 2000
5. The F Word March 31, 2000
6. I Loathe a Parade April 7, 2000
7. Of Human Bonding April 14, 2000
8. Psycho Therapy June 28, 2000
9. Mart of Darkness July 5, 2000
10. Legends of the Mall July 12, 2000
11. Groped by an Angel July 19, 2000
12. Fire! July 26, 2000
13. Dye! Dye! My Darling August 2, 2000

TV Movie #1Edit

Original Airdate
Is It Fall Yet? August 27, 2000

Season 5Edit

Original Airdate
1. Fizz Ed February 19, 2001
2. Sappy Anniversary February 26, 2001
3. Fat Like Me March 5, 2001
4. Camp Fear March 12, 2001
5. The Story of D March 19, 2001
6. Lucky Strike March 26, 2001
7. Art Burn April 2, 2001
8. One J at a Time May 21, 2001
9. Life in the Past Lane May 28, 2001
10. Aunt Nauseam June 4, 2001
11. Prize Fighters June 11, 2001
12. My Night at Daria's June 18, 2001
13. Boxing Daria June 25, 2001

TV Movie #2Edit

Original Airdate
Is It College Yet? January 21, 2002

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