Jodie Landon

Jodie Landon

Jodie Abigail Landon is a student at Lawndale High. She often points out the lack of diversity in Lawndale, and is constantly stressed by the fact that she must be a perfect example for African Americans. As intelligent as Daria Morgendorffer but much more well-adjusted and social, Jodie has the brightest future out of her fellow students. Her parents force her to do many activities to make her college application look good, as well as giving her good connections to the other Lawndale elite. At the end of the series, she goes behind her parents back and applies to a historically black college, so that there is not so much pressure on her to excel and she can relax for once. To her surprise, her father approves. Jodie is dating/involved with Mack.

She is voiced by Jessica Cydnee Jackson.

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