Jake Morgendorffer

Jake Morgendorffer

The long-suffering, neurotic, but well-meaning father of Daria and Quinn and husband of Helen.

A sales/marketing consultant. Due to a childhood of neglect and forced self-sufficience, Jake is often stressed out, leading him to get bloodshot eyes and even a mild heart attack. Despite good-hearted attempts to make his family happy, and his genuine love for them, Jake seems very short tempered, and very rarely takes the blame for things. He tries to remain a cheerful and friendly mood, but apparently he is also shrill, irritable, and overreactive.

He is inept at controlling or bribing his daughters, but does love his family and give support in his own way. He is constantly haunted by his father and days at boot camp, and is prone to angry bursts. Jake isn't as violent as he claims, shown when he caught, drove all the way to the woods, and freed a squirrel, after once complaining that it was illegal to shoot or drown them.

He enjoys cooking, camping, and occasional hippie activities.

Voiced by: Julián Rebolledo

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