On Beavis and ButtheadEdit

Daria was created by B&B story editor Glenn Eichler to serve as a foil for the idiotic title characters. She had few significant appearances, such as in the episode Scientific Stuff, where she used the duo as subjects in a science experiment. She was more social than on her own show, even joining the school newspaper as, ironically, the fashion reporter.

Daria's voice was noticably high pitched in the beginning, but by the production of Beavis and Butt-head Are Dead, her voice was almost the same as it was when Esteemsters aired. Interestingly, the two were produced at almost the same time.


Daria's family moved from Highland (the setting of Beavis and Butt-Head) to Lawndale at the beginning of the series. While her sister Quinn was accepted into the social order immediately, Daria was branded as a "brain" and forced into a Self Esteem class, but states that she doesn't have low self esteem, merely low esteem for everyone else. However, it is in the self esteem class was there that she met her first real friend, Jane Lane. They easily pass the self esteem test with the answers in Jane's notebook (and also due to the fact that Jane had taken the self esteem class six times), taking the chance to make a spectacle along the way.

Over the course of the series, Daria opened up considerably, harboring a crush for Jane's brother Trent Lane, and hooking up with Tom Sloane. Her relationships with her family improved greatly, particularly with Quinn in Season 5. At the end of the show's run on MTV, she was admitted to Raft University in Boston, where Jane would also be going for Boston Fine Arts College.


Daria is cynical, introverted, and extremely intelligent. She is somewhat resentful of being labeled a "brain," but is mostly indifferent to what others think of her. Her biting sarcasm often goes over the heads of her classmates, being that some are not very bright.

Behind her standoffish exterior, Daria, at rare times, can be rather sensitive and perceptive to the problems of others, like when she offers up advice to people in "The Misery Chick." Sometimes Daria confides that she's unsure of her own future, although she tries to paint a picture of what the future looks like for her family when writing a short story for English in "Write Where It Hurts." In the series finale, she confesses that she believes her honesty will leave her old and alone in a house full of cats.

In Popular CultureEdit

Daria is seen in an episode of the Comedy Central series "Drawn Together," entitled "Lost in Parking Space, Part Two." As the character Foxxy Love is being dragged through the basement of a Hot Topic store, the manager explains that he keeps cartoon characters there to be tortured as a way to turn a profit, in a parody of the film Hostel. Daria is seen having a nail driven through her right eye. She is the only character not shown screaming as she is tortured, simply saying in her usual monotone "This is men's fault."

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